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Free Webinar Series

Your time is valuable. Balancing life demands with training, as well as trying to become more knowledgeable in the sport is not easy. Vmps understands this. So, we are bringing the experts to you through our free webinar series. In each interactive webinar, an expert explores a timely topic. Insights developed from current research and experiential learning are covered in a brief presentation; the remainder of each session is dedicated to discussion and Q&A.

Our webinar series is your chance to expand your knowledge and get your questions answered from the comfort of home. Check out our upcoming webinars, and email or text 508-612-3000 possible topics for future webinars.

Upcoming Webinars--Schedule for Summer Coming Soon!

Recent Webinars

Monday, April 30 @ 8:00 PM

Webinar: Optimizing Your Aerodynamics

Over 85% of your effort on the bike is used to overcome aerodynamic drag. Attention to aerodynamic detail is important for both novice and expert racers, as significant performance gains can be realized through careful selection of equipment and body positioning. This webinar will cover the basic concepts of aerodynamic testing, with particular emphasis on how computer-based aerodynamic modeling can offer quick, accurate, and affordable data that will improve the race day performance for any athlete. Led by Don Vescio, US Cycling Certified Coach and Andrew Bucknell, a fluid dynamist and founder of the STAC Virtual Wind Tunnel.

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Monday, April 2, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Webinar: Training and Racing with Power

Reliability, consistency, and precision in power meters are important for planning your workouts and race strategies. This webinar will help you understand how and when to use these popular devices. Plus, you will learn about the types of systems (pedal, crank-based, etc), and the key features to consider when adopting this technology. All participants will receive a discount code that may be used to when purchasing a power meter from Pioneer Cycle Sports. Webinar is led by Don Vescio, US Cycling Certified Coach; Jim Miller, National Sales Director at Pioneer Cycle Sport.

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Monday, April 9, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Webinar: Data That Matters

Power, Cadence, Heart Rate, Left-Right Balance, Torque--There are lots of data available to today's cyclists. The question is: 'What data is most useful in assessing our performance, structuring our workouts, and planning for our big events'. This webinar will help you choose, measure, and analyze actionable data that can be used to improve your training and racing. Led by Don Vescio, US Cycling Certified Coach.

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