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VMPS Triathlon Team

Registration is open for the 2020 team. Start enjoying membership benefits today!

Get a free Vmps beanie hat with ear flaps if you register for the 2020 team before January 1, 2020. 

Connect with Others

Interested in a fun way to improve at triathlon? Become a part of the Vmps Triathlon Team. You'll meet new training partners, have buddies to socialize with at races, and save money with sponsor discounts. Join today and make the connections that count.

The Vmps Triathlon Team is an official USA Triathlon Club based in Massachusetts. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys having triathlon as a part of his or her life.

Member Benefits

    • Group workouts
    • Team social gatherings
    • Discounts from team sponsors
    • Discounts from USA Triathlon Club Sponsors
    • New friends and training partners
    • Vmps Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Tech Shirt (if registered for 2019 team by December 31, 2018)

2020 Team Sponsors

    • Pioneer offers Vmps team members a 30% discount on Pioneer power meters.
    • Quintana Roo, Official Bike Sponsor for the Vmps Triathlon Team, combines elite technology with thoughtful design. The result? Bikes built for comfort and speed.
    • Xterra Wetsuits offers Vmps athletes 60% off wetsuits and 55% off inflatable paddleboards all year round. Xterra Wetsuits was born in San Diego-the birthplace of triathlon, and strives to offer the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value.
    • Zealios offers Vmps team members a 25% discount on all items on http://www.teamzealios.com. Their hair and skincare products are specially formulated to meet the demands of endurance athletes.

    • Membership is for the calendar year. Join today and enjoy the benefits through 2019!
    • Fee is $120 ($90 for Vmps Coaching Clients)
    • Join Today!