Vescio Multisport Performance Services

Consulting and Performance Services

Training Plan Review, Performance Consulting Services,

Power Testing, Sports Nutrition Consulting

Training Plan Review and Performance Consulting Services
Are you self-coached? Have a Vmps coach review your training plan and provide feedback and recommendations to help you achieve your best performance in a race. In addition, performance consulting services are available to help the self coached athlete progress. 

Price: $150/hour (minimum of two hours)

One-on-One Coached Swim Session

Price: $150/hour (plus cost of the pool rental)

One-on-One Coached Computrainer Session 

Price: $150/hour

Critical/Threshold Power Testing

Vmps also offers several different types of power-based assessments, matching protocols that best meet your individual needs and goals.  For athletes who train with power on the bike, Vmps can help you determine your critical power zones.  For athletes who are looking for a more quantitative method of tracking their training progress over time, Vmps offers a simple Computrainer testing session that will provide you with data can be used for comparative purposes as your season progresses.  
Price: $150/test

Sports Nutrition Consulting
Learn how to better fuel your body for training and racing. No fads or gimmicks; just practical advice based on research published in peer reviewed journals, and combined with Vmps' experience helping athletes achieve their endurance sports goals. 

  • Fee: $225 based on $150 hour rate (initial consult takes ~1.5 hours)
  • Sports nutrition/weight reduction package: $475 (includes initial consult and two hours of follow-up)