Vescio Multisport Performance Services

Coached Cycling Classes

Get the knowledge, guidance, and support in a fun, supportive group environment to take your cycling to the next level. All our classes are led by a certified coach.

Our cycling studio has a nine station multirider system, two 50" screens that displays training data (watts, average speed, etc.) and a third 32" screen that presents videos of famous cycling and triathlon events to offer a visual experience that matches the session's workouts.

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Racermate’s Computrainer is an electronic load generator that is fixed to a rear wheel bicycle training stand. The load generator is connected to a hand unit which may be used to control the load generator directly, and it also is connected to a desktop computer, which offers more advanced opportunities for control. After mounting your bike on a Computrainer, you will be able to:

    • Ride realistic 3D course simulations, complete with varying terrain
    • Compete with other riders in Computrainer's virtual environments
    • Optimize your cadence
    • Determine critical power output and heart rate levels

Most importantly you can leverage Computrainer’s precision to obtain accurate testing results useful for power and/or heart rate based training.

Vmps can develop custom road simulation and ergometer programs for your Computrainer, Kickr, or other smart trainer that are tailored for your individual training plan.


What Do I Need to Bring to the Vmps Indoor Cycling Studio?

    • Your road or triathlon bike (a smooth rear tire is encouraged!)
    • Appropriate workout clothing and bicycle shoes
    • A towel (you will sweat a lot!)
    • Your preferred form of hydration
    • A heart rate monitor is strongly encouraged
    • A cycling computer with cadence is optional, though useful
    • A trainer-friendly rear skewer


Ultra-lightweight rear wheel skewers don't work too well with bicycle trainers of any sort, as they don't offer adequate surface to clamp the bike securely.

You can purchase a quality trainer compatible skewer at Vmps for $15.


Note the rounded profile and extended shoulder on the skewer above.  This is ideal for an indoor trainer.

The skewer above does not provide enough surface for secure use with an indoor trainer.

Disc Brakes and Thru-Axles

Trainer adapters are readily available through your local bike shop for disc brake bikes that rely on thru-axles.  Due to multiple thru-axle standards, Vmps does not stock trainer adapters.

Structured Group Training Sessions 

Vmps offers regularly scheduled group training sessions during the week and on weekends.  Weekday sessions are based on Vmps' periodization model, which enables riders to realize significant performance gains in a time efficient format. Weekday sessions run sixty minutes in length and generally focus on different forms of interval efforts, depending upon the season.  Weekend sessions run sixty or ninety minutes in length and generally are structured around more sustained endurance efforts.


Because all Vmps group training sessions are normalized according to your specific performance and fitness profile, riders of different abilities can ride at the same time, without concern of getting dropped.  Group ride participants are encouraged to schedule a power and threshold testing session in order to take full advantage of our training options.

Assessment and Testing 

Athletes can schedule individual Computrainer sessions with a Vmps coach for more individualized and focused support.  Individual training sessions can focus on technique, specific fitness goals, or performance assessment. 

Our systems not only provides an accurate measurement of power, they also provides detailed information on cadence and pedal stroke.  We can assist riders in identifying such variables as optimal cadence for specific types of riding (time trial versus road, for instance), modifications to the pedal stroke to increase peak power or overall efficiency, and the impact of position adjustment on cadence and power.  

Power Testing

Computrainer sets the standard for indoor cycling.  Accurate to +/- 2%, Computrainer provides accurate and repeatable data that can be used to establish critical power zones and identify lactate threshold.  Testing sessions run approximately sixty minutes in length.