Vescio Multisport Performance Services

Bike Fitting

A good bike fit is critical for both maximal performance and overall comfort.  While cyclists can spend many thousands of dollars on the latest, most sophisticated frames and equipment, establishing a biomechanically and aerodynamically sound position on the bike is perhaps the single most important investment you can make to maximize your chances for success.   Riders properly fitted to their bikes are able to optimize aerodynamics without compromising power; they are able to ride short and long distances comfortably, and their risk of repetitive injury is minimized. 

There are many systems available that will position a rider on a bike, so it is important to work with an experienced fitter who can accommodate variations in body sizes/proportions, flexibility, fitness, and competitive goals in helping you determine your ideal position.  Ideally, a fitter will be able to establish a position that can be transferred to different styles of bicycles, with minimal requirements for adjustment and adaptation.  Finally, it is critical for time trialists and multisport athletes to work with a fitter who understands the unique requirements associated with their disciplines, which involves consideration of not only the body’s position on the bike, but also how the bike-body interaction impacts aerodynamics and power production.

Vmps draws on over twenty-five years of data collected on hundreds of multisport, time trial, and road cycling athletes who represent a wide range of abilities.  Our fitting protocols are based on a careful measurement of your body’s proportions off the bike, an assessment of your flexibility, and a precise analysis of your biomechanics on the bike.  For time trialists and multisport athletes, special attention is placed on optimizing aerodynamic gains so that you can ride faster and further, with less effort.

Once your fitting is completed, Vmps will provide you with a report that includes your pre- and post fitting coordinates and recommendations for bikes from major manufacturers.  

Whether you are looking to buy a new bike or would like to improve your current road, time trial, or triathlon position, Vmps can help you realize your cycling goals.
Bike fitting sessions are scheduled by appointment only and run approximately ninety minutes to two hours in length.
Price $275

  • Fitting fee includes one follow up appointment on an as needed basis within 30 days of the initial fitting to make any minor adjustments.